We are stoked to have three new interns with us. Kyle, Jade and Maria (from left to right on the picture) will be involved in the main projects we’re currently working on. We asked them: Why do you want to intern with us? Here are their responses:

Kyle (intern copywriter): Free Range Puppies is doing work that I appreciate. I chose to work with them because they are doing more than just selling things. I responded immediately to their focus on storytelling and conversation. The team all really seems to care about the work they’re doing, and that is a great motivation to care about it as well.

Jade (intern copywriter): Being in my last semester at the Academy of Art I was looking for an internship that would help me continue to grow as a creative and a copywriter. When I heard about Free Range Puppies and read about their philosophy and viewed their work, I knew I wanted to work for them. I loved that they took on projects with meaning and strive to bring social change. That is something I’m passionate about and why I want to get into advertising. Rather than just selling to consumers, I want to change the world. I feel that’s what FRP is all about. It also helped that I love dogs and the thought of people a “Pup” was the cutest idea to me.

Maria (intern producer): I knew that becoming an intern at Free Range Puppies would be an incredible opportunity for my career. It’s not only about the international experience (being from Spain and being able to do an internship in San Francisco is pretty amazing), but also about working on Moses’ film and on a storytelling platform we’re building to start changing the perception about homelessness. I’m sure I’ll learn so much. I’ll try to do my best every day.

Free Range Puppies Interns