Speaking at TEDx

18 May, 2018/by freerangepuppies

Pitching ‘Moses’ at Lisbon Docs 17

25 October, 2017/by freerangepuppies

Moses, supported by the San Francisco Film Society

27 January, 2017/by freerangepuppies

On Fox TV talking about Moses and Stories Behind The Fog

4 July, 2016/by freerangepuppies

Building the brand identity for a new resort in Barbados Island

24 June, 2016/by freerangepuppies
Free Range Puppies Interns

New Talent at Free Range Puppies

21 February, 2016/by freerangepuppies

The Mural short doc becomes interactive

25 October, 2015/by freerangepuppies

Nuestro nuevo trabajo para Asevi

7 September, 2015/by freerangepuppies
Opening in Barcelona

Opening in Barcelona

17 March, 2015/by freerangepuppies

The Mural, Official Selection at Hollywood Film Festival

22 September, 2014/by freerangepuppies
Filming for Globo TV International

Filming for Globo TV International

30 June, 2014/by freerangepuppies
The Mural, Official Selection at Superfest

The Mural, Official Selection at Superfest

6 June, 2014/by freerangepuppies
Ann Martin Center

Working with the Ann Martin Center

14 April, 2014/by freerangepuppies
The Mural

The Mural, our next film, coming out very soon.

11 March, 2014/by freerangepuppies
Dalai Lama

Filming the Dalai Lama

23 February, 2014/by freerangepuppies

New Partnership with Nativox

8 January, 2014/by freerangepuppies
Moses The Movie

Color Corrected 35mm footage for Moses’ film.

16 October, 2013/by freerangepuppies
The Mural

Working for The Arc of SF

3 September, 2013/by freerangepuppies
Domestic violence

‘How do you want to be remembered?’, our latest TV campaign to prevent domestic violence

25 July, 2013/by freerangepuppies
Mexican Cuisine

Mexican Cuisine, selected as Vimeo Staff Pick!

16 July, 2013/by freerangepuppies